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HxGN SFx user interface HxGN SFx user interface HxGN SFx user interface HxGN SFx user interface HxGN SFx user interface

HxGN SFx | Asset Management unlocks the full potential of your equipment offering real-time monitoring of machine performance and utilisation.

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Use cases


Cloud connection

Real-time availability of machine data.


Device Monitoring

Greater transparency into production processes through Performance and Condition Monitoring.


Remote Services

Decreased maintenance effort through proactive software and machine updates.



Improved productivity through efficient and reliable machines.


Activate your innovation plan with a focus on connectivity and quality insights.

Assets managment Assets managment Assets managment
Asset Management

Remote monitoring
Know immediately when work stops and why it stops. And fix it

Analytics for resource management
Know your equipment's availability, performance and effectiveness. And make it better

Compatible systems

Our supported systems roadmap is continuously expanding horizons. Keep tuned!

Our plans

Lite Pro
Secure cloud hosting
Easy onboarding of Hexagon assets
Free user accounts
Dashboard view of all assets
Filter assets
Detailed view of individual assets
Operational status monitoring (Busy/Idle)
Calibration & service tracking
Health status monitoring (detailed system report)
Event notifications (by email)
Environment monitoring (requires Pulse) 24 hours
Event log 24 hours
Utilization (uptime, downtime) 24 hours
Equipment effectiveness -
Speed monitoring -
FREE 125 EUR/USD month Billed annually
Assets managment

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